Everybody gets the early bird special

Pricing simpler than a kids menu

Number of employees



per pay run
* plus bank fees and GST
Flexible and built for you

No fixed term contract, no monthly charges, add and remove people whenever you need and pay only for what you use.

Easy Setup

Send us all your existing employee information and let our payroll experts set you up right, from the very start.

Fully digital time sheeting

Our free to download iOS and Android mobile applications mean your people can submit timesheets from anywhere.

Run payroll in minutes

With all the right data already in the right places, running payroll becomes easy with single click approvals, calculations and submissions.

Calculations and compliance

Our calculations ensure 100% accuracy and we automatically keep you up to date and complying with the latest payroll standards.

Pricing FAQs

How much does it cost?

$5 per pay run, plus $1.89 per employee per pay run*.

*plus bank fees and GST.

Why do you charge bank fees?

When we handle payments to your staff and the IRD, the bank charges us for every transaction processed. This is a fee that you would normally pay with your own bank if you did the payments yourself.

Our standard charge is $0.37 plus GST per transaction. As an example, if you’ve got 5 staff, you might end up paying $0.37 per payment to staff, plus $0.37 for a payment to the PAYE trust account, and $0.37 for a deduction on a staff member’s pay, for a total of $2.59 plus GST in bank fees for the pay run.

Am I locked in?

No. We don't have a minimum contract term. If you don't love our software, you can move on at any time.

How much does extra support cost?

Nothing. Support is free. If you need any help, just call us on 0800 746 700.

What if I have multiple pay runs?

You are charged per pay run. For example, if your first run includes 5 staff and your second only two staff, then your will be charged $14.45* for the first run and $8.78* for the second.

*plus bank fees and GST.

What happens when I add new staff?

You can add new staff at anytime. You will only be charged when they are included in a pay run.

Do you have any monthly or annual subscription fees?

No. You only get charged when you use our software to run a pay.

I currently use another service, will it cost to transfer the data accross?

No. Our support team can help you bring all of your data across for free.

Still not sure?

Give us a call