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The whole cycle takes me about ten minutes. It’s a very simple operation.
Sam, Sierra Delta Civil Limited

The easiest payday ever

PaySauce calculates wages, PAYE, KiwiSaver, holiday pay and any extra obligations, pays your staff and the tax man, sends payslips and reports, and files with the IR. All you have to do is approve timesheets and leave.

Don’t panic about leaving the office on payday. Our powerful mobile app lets you pay your people from wherever, whenever.

We play well with others - PaySauce integrates directly with banks, Inland Revenue, and Xero.

Payroll with ASB
Payroll with ANZ
Payroll with BNZ
Payroll with Westpac
Payroll with IRD
Payroll with Xero
Payroll on Devices

Smarter Better Faster Roster

Rosters is super user friendly and easy on the eyes with a foolproof calendar view. Best of all, payroll and rostering are connected, so when you build a roster, you can see your team’s leave bookings and add shifts via the work patterns you’ve already set up in payroll.

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Flexible and built for you

No contracts or sign up fees. Pick the plan that works best for your business and stay as long as you like.

Supercharged support

Wages can't wait. Good thing our awesome support team are ready to help you out. Choose from phone or email support from our in-house payroll experts.

Fully digital time sheeting

Forget chasing paper timesheets. Our free app for iOS and Android lets your team submit hours on the go.

Run payroll in minutes

Wherever you are, run your pay in minutes on your smartphone or computer. Assess and approve with a single click. We'll run calculations, make payments, and file with IR.

Calculations and compliance

Rest easy, knowing that you've nailed wages, PAYE, holiday pay, KiwiSaver, student loans and minimum wage calculations. Our smart software will always keep you compliant with the latest payroll standards.

Payday Filing

PaySauce takes care of all your Payday Filing obligations, with our direct Inland Revenue integration.

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