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Online Timesheets

Paper!? Ain’t nobody got time for that!

Paper? Ain’t nobody got time for that!

Switch to digital timesheets and see how much easier timesheeting is for you and your employees.

Employees can track jobs and easily share their hours in their app for review and approval. Track job productivity, automate payroll and pay your employees, all from the PaySauce app.

Payroll on Devices

Cut down on admin

As a business owner, your time should be spent on the important tasks. You don’t want to be stuck tallying paper timesheets for manual entry.

With PaySauce Standard and Premium plans, staff record their own hours with our app. Check out the three simple steps:

Employees log their hours

Employees log their hours in the mobile app. They can save a draft and submit them ready for manager approval.

Managers review and approve

All of your team's hours are accessible for managers to check and review. If all of the digital timesheets look good you simply approve. If not, you can check out the weekly view and edit on behalf or add notes.

Pay your staff online

Approved hours are submitted to payroll and ready to be paid in your next pay run. Don’t worry about manual timesheets, the payroll process is completely automated.

Employee mobile app

Submit timesheets from the mobile app. Easy as.

Digital timesheet management

Managing timesheets for multiple jobs can be hard. With PaySauce, employees can submit timesheets to different jobs or projects. Simply use the start/stop timer to manage start, end and break times while on site.

Easy for employers and employees

Your people don’t have to head to the milking shed or dig around in the glovebox for a piece of paper. They just open the PaySauce app and get their hours to their manager instantly. Fast, easy, no excuses.

Get off the Grid with offline timesheet solutions

If you're away from wifi or out in the wop-wops, no worries. PaySauce timesheets will work offline, even without mobile reception. You can still enter and save your hours, and once you're back in range, they'll sync automatically. No more excuses!

Mobile Timesheets
Mobile Payroll

Ditch that dusty file cabinet

If you’re keeping timesheets or wage records on paper, you know what we’re talking about. Go digital and get out with the old and in with the new.

We have payroll plans designed for your business. Choose a plan that works for you and your team. Straightforward and easy to set up, get your payroll online and save the admin.

Digital Timesheets by PaySauce

Get rid of the paper timesheets in five simple steps:


Sign up to PaySauce today


Set your team up on the app


Your employees load in their hours


Review and approve hours online in the PaySauce app


All hours flow through and are handled in a simple, easy pay run. Close your pay and pay your employees accurately

If you've seen enough, let's get started!

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