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Paper!? Ain’t nobody got time for that!

Payroll Automation

Cut down on admin

As a business owner, your time should be spent on the important tasks. You don’t want to be stuck tallying paper timesheets for manual entry.

With PaySauce Standard and Premium plans, staff record their own hours with our app. You look them over and approve them. Then they shoot straight into payroll. Sorted.

Staff love going digital

Your people don’t have to head to the milking shed or dig around in the glovebox for a piece of paper. They just open the PaySauce app and get their hours to their manager instantly. Fast, easy, no excuses.

Payroll Customers
One of the most immediate benefits we saw was just the uptake of the staff - they all have the app on their phones and record their start and finish times... we haven't had to chase them up at all.
Mike Visser, Dairy Farmer
Payroll Timesheets

Not just a stopwatch

Staff can enter hours against specific tasks or job codes, giving you accurate records for reporting and costing. They can also add notes for their manager on timesheets.

Off the Grid

If you're away from wifi or out in the wop-wops, no worries. PaySauce timesheets will work offline, even without mobile reception. You can still enter and save your hours, and once you're back in range, they'll sync automatically. No more excuses!

Offline Timesheets
Cloud Payroll

Ditch that dusty file cabinet

If you’re keeping timesheets or wage records on paper, you know what we’re talking about. Go digital and get shot of it.

If you've seen enough, let's get started!

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