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Payroll for Tradies

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It is an easy to use system, the people that run it are friendly and helpful, it’s just a no-brainer.
Colleen Upton, General Manager, Hutt Gas and Plumbing

Out and About

Your team is mobile, so your systems should be too. Our easy-as mobile app is free for your employees. They can submit timesheets, request leave and check payslips, all from their smartphones.

In the Driver's Seat

Keeping on top of admin from the cab of the ute? Stay mobile on payday with our employer app - you can approve and run a pay on your smartphone, in just a couple of minutes.

Mobile Payroll
Full Payroll Service

Chuck the Paperwork

Go digital, and stop fluffing around with timesheets and spreadsheets. Digital timesheets go straight from your people to your pay run, for you to approve. Not to mention, PaySauce keeps you on top of wages, PAYE, leave accruals, deductions and allowances. With direct integrations to your bank and Inland Revenue, we automatically deduct wages, PAYE and fees from your account to pay your people (and the tax man).

Cost Like a Boss

Costing codes help you track staff hours against different locations or tasks. That gives you super-accurate, easy numbers for quotes, invoicing, or just checking profitability of a job.


Smarter Better Faster Roster

Rosters is super user friendly and easy on the eyes with a foolproof calendar view. Best of all, payroll and rostering are connected, so when you build a roster, you can see your team’s leave bookings and add shifts via the work patterns you’ve already set up in payroll. Plus, you only need one subscription to handle two crucial business functions. Bloody brilliant.

Here to Chat

PaySauce is pretty straightforward, but a new software system is a lot to get your head around. Our expert support team will see you right, free of charge. Send us your employee records and we’ll load them in for you, show you the ropes, run comprehensive training and guide you through your first pay. And as long as you're a customer, call us free, any time.

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