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Bring your existing data across

We help make your migration easy! Call if you have any questions - we're always happy to help and it costs nothing to ask.

Load your own data

Moving only a few staff from an outside payroll system, then this is often the best and easiest method - just add or import your staff from a simple CSV file (using our built-in FlexiCSV import tool), fix up their records and you're ready to go.

It also costs you nothing but a little time collecting the data you need and entering it directly into the app, or importing basic data from a CSV file.

Check out our Migration Checklist to make sure you get everything right.

Manual paper or spreadsheet payroll data

The migration process is as easy as we can make it - via a spreadsheet template available below which you send back to us to populate your database.

You will also want to grab a a copy of the Excel Migration Guide.

Existing desktop payroll program

We can migrate directly from most common desktop payroll products.

Just email us a fresh backup of your payroll database (this MUST be created AFTER completing the payrun) and we'll take a look to see if we can convert the data it contains.

One common exception we know of is current versions of Attache which encrypts your data effectively preventing you moving to a system where you own access to your own data (some vendors try to lock you in by this means) - you will need to use our spreadsheet migration method instead.

ACE payroll migrations require additional information that significantly improves the value of the migrated data - please use this spreadsheet to provide the additional information required.

Online payroll system

If you want to migrate from an online payroll, contact us to confirm the required reports and exports for your current setup, otherwise use the template method above.