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Integrating Harcourt's Trust system with SmoothPay

HAPI is a joint development between Harcourts and SmoothPay that provides Harcourt's Franchises with payroll integration between Harcourt's Trust system and SmoothPay.

It supports advanced enquiry and export facilities (esp. for accounting integration) and provides an API for collecting agent commission transactions for payroll.

HAPI is an integral part of your payroll and accounting process:

Trust HAPI SmoothPay Accounting

HAPI Documentation

HAPI Workflow Discover the simple workflow using HAPI to prepare data from Harcourt's Trust system for payroll and accounting.
HAPI to Xero example Make sure the right information gets from your Trust system to Xero via HAPI and SmoothPay. This example shows a working scenario.
Live demo Username: demo
Password: password
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