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Tātou with PaySauce

Workforce management software for Vineyards, Orchards & Farms

Tātou provides workforce management tools that enable horticulture and viticulture businesses to go paperless and make informed, data-driven business decisions.

Tātou's easy-to-use app works offline to collect digital timesheets for hourly or piece rate work in the field.

From planning to monitoring progress and budgets Tātou handles everything people related and prepares payroll data to import to PaySauce.

PaySauce Integration

Tātou users download a .csv payroll report from Tātou which is imported into PaySauce. Tātou provides:

PaySauce calculates holiday pay/accrual, taxes, deductions etc.

Accurate, efficient payroll data capture is a big pain point for horticulture businesses - Tātou streamlines this process, increases data accuracy and makes it easier to use tools like PaySauce, especially when using piece-rates.

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