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Payroll for Retail & Services

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Easy Payroll Setup

So Supportive

The key to payroll is nailing the initial setup. Our expert support team will see you right, free of charge. Send us your employee records and we’ll load them in for you, show you the ropes, run comprehensive training and guide you through your first pay.

Hassle-free Timesheets

With the PaySauce mobile app, your people can enter, edit and submit timesheets on-the-go, from anywhere.

Already recording time on another system? Not a problem. Thumbprint scanners, tablets, digital punch clocks; PaySauce can handle it all. Let us know how you manage time and attendance and we’ll pull that data straight into payroll for processing.

Payroll Timesheets
Payroll Reports

More than Just Calculations

PaySauce keeps you on top of wages, PAYE, leave accruals, deductions and allowances. Through our direct integrations with all major banks and IR, we automatically deduct wages, PAYE and fees from your account to pay your people (and the tax man).

Run your pay in minutes

With timesheets already loaded and approved, you just manage adjustments and hit calculate to generate your pay run. Then process pay from the web or mobile app with a single click. If you have any worries or queries, you can always call our experts in Wellington at no extra charge.

Easy Mobile Payroll

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