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Payroll for Horticulture

A unique recipe for a unique industry

Payroll for Horticulture

Unique Challenges

There is no industry in New Zealand that comes under more employment scrutiny than horticulture. On top of that, you've got tricky piece rates, minimum wage calculations, and paid breaks to consider. Current payroll solutions are not designed to cope with these challenges.

Built from the Ground Up

PaySauce has been engineered specifically to help growers and contract pickers cut down on admin time and breeze through compliance. You didn't choose to work in horticulture to spend time in the office. PaySauce can help you get back to the important stuff.

Payroll Built for Growers
Easy Payroll

Working for You

We have a proven track record of working with industries to create a solution which meets and often exceeds their expectations.

There has been plenty of grower input into the PaySauce horticulture app. We have something brewing which we think hits the mark, but we need your help to deliver the best solution possible.

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