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Smarter Better Faster Roster

Grab PaySauce Premium and you get our Rosters module!

Rosters is super user friendly and easy on the eyes with a foolproof calendar view. Best of all, payroll and rostering are connected, so when you build a roster, you can see your team’s leave bookings and add shifts via the work patterns you’ve already set up in payroll. Plus, you only need one subscription to handle two crucial business functions. Bloody brilliant.

Easy Payroll Setup

Supported Setup

The key to payroll is nailing the initial setup. Our expert support team will see you right, free of charge. Send us your employee records and we’ll load them in for you, show you the ropes, run comprehensive training and guide you through your first pay.

Our change over to PaySauce was a great decision. The website is so easy to navigate, and we can log in on our phone from anywhere. The customer service has been amazing, they listen to our needs.
Kelly Martin, Dairy Farmer, Morrinsville

Hassle-Free Timesheets

With the PaySauce mobile app, your people can enter, edit and submit timesheets on-the-go, from anywhere. Track time, hours worked and make staff management a breeze with our online timesheet software. Easy as.

A lot of people know from agricultural businesses that getting your staff to fill out timesheets is a nightmare. Our staff LOVE the app, being able to put their hours in wherever they are on farm.
Donna Morton, Dairy Farmer, Southland
Payroll Timesheets
Easy Payroll Compliance

Compliance, sussed

PaySauce automatically takes care of your biggest compliance concerns. We'll compare your salaried staff hours against minimum wage requirements, and prompt you when top-ups are required. Let us do the hard work for you.

The more farmers that utilise PaySauce the better. I feel it is a bulletproof system for compliance.
Andrew Hoggard, Dairy Farmer and Chairman of Federated Farmers Dairy, Kiwitea

More than Just Calculations

PaySauce keeps you on top of wages, PAYE, leave accruals, deductions and allowances. Through our direct integrations with all major banks and IR, we automatically deduct wages, PAYE and fees from your account to pay your people (and the tax man).

Hi Vicky, just ran the pays on the phone whilst getting cows in!! Amazing!! Love this system. Thanks, Suzi.
Suzi, Dairy Farmer, Maruia
Payroll Automation
Contract Builder screenshot

Farm-specific Employment Agreements

The farm doesn’t have much in common with the office. A general-purpose employment agreement won’t cover agri needs: on-site accommodation, health and safety requirements and unique working conditions.

Federated Farmers have worked with PaySauce to offer a digital contract builder to get your new employees on board sooner.

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Run your pay in minutes

With timesheets already loaded and approved, you just manage adjustments and hit calculate to generate your pay run. Then process pay from the web or mobile app with a single click. If you have any worries or queries, you can always call our experts in Wellington at no extra charge.

Payroll with Feds
Payroll with Xero
Payroll with Farm Focus
Payroll with Figured
Easy Payroll from your Mobile

The Full Stack

PaySauce has teamed up with Figured and Xero to bring you the technology you need to run an even greater farming business. Track time, run payroll and more with our full stack solution.

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