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Easy-As Cloud Payroll

Payroll calculations, payday filing, and timesheets, all in one simple app for your mobile and desktop.

Whatever your line of work, we’ve got your payroll covered.

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We know how unique farming is. So we’ve designed features specifically for on-farm compliance.

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Always on the move? Ditch the paperwork and run pays anywhere with our powerful mobile solution. Plus smart job costing and mobile timesheets.

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Deliver all the perks of PaySauce to your customers, while staying in the driver’s seat.

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It feels good to do good. That’s why we offer our payroll solution free to certain registered charities.

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You’re no stranger to innovation. Don’t waste a minute on manual processes or clunky software. Join us as we build the future of payroll.


When it comes to payroll, we’ve got the goods. Automation, mobility and flexibility.

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Retail & Services

Juggling changing payments and rosters can be tough, but it doesn’t have to be. Let us automate your admin so you can get back to business.

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We'll get your payroll humming like a well oiled chainsaw with mobile timesheets, payroll processing on the move and offline functionality.

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Juggling changing payments and rosters can be tough, but it doesn’t have to be. Let us automate your admin so you can get back to business.

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Small Business

We understand the demands of running a small business. We’re keen to take one rough job off your hands and turn your payroll from a slog to a snap.

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Payroll Support

Supercharged support

Wages can't wait. Good thing our awesome support team are ready to help you out. Choose from phone or email support from our in-house PaySauce platform experts.

Want to learn more about how to use our payroll software? If you have a question about a feature or report, use the Knowledge Base to ask a question or look up a step by step guide. You’ll find user manuals, articles, and FAQs.

Fully Digital, Flexible and Mobile

PaySauce comes with apps for your computer and smartphone. It’s cloud-based, so you can update things easily as your business changes and grows. Your records are safer, better organised and more accessible than ever. NZ cloud payroll software made easy as.

Payroll on Devices
Easy Payroll

Single Click Pay Run

PaySauce connects employees, managers and admins. On payday, timesheets shoot straight into the pay run and wages are calculated automatically. You just review the final numbers and top up or take out anything extra. When you’re ready, run your pay with a single click.

Automated Payments and Filing

We can connect directly to your bank to automate payments, so your people get paid quickly and accurately. Payslips are issued through the app, where they’re available anytime, even the old ones. To keep you fully compliant, we take care of PAYE payments and IR filing. Start solving your payroll challenges today with PaySauce.

Payroll Automation
PaySauce Employee App - Dashboard PaySauce Employee App - Leave PaySauce Employee App - PayNow PaySauce Employee App - Payslip PaySauce Employee App - Timesheets PaySauce Employee App - Dashboard
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PaySauce Mobile App

PaySauce on the go. Our free payroll app for iOS and Android lets your team submit hours on the go, see their rostered shifts and request leave or a pay advance through PayNow. Payroll timesheets made easy.

Their app also stores their PaySauce payslip which displays up-to-date leave balances so your team can keep an eye on their entitlements, and you can show a clear paper trail.

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Anyone looking for an awesome payroll system, totally recommend PaySauce.
Nicole Williams, Willbound Farm Limited

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