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Payroll for your Industry

From one employee to hundreds - PaySauce will scale as you do

For Charities

It feels good to do good. That’s why we offer our payroll solution free to registered charities.

For Accountants

Deliver all the perks of PaySauce to your customers, while staying in the driver’s seat.

For Farmers

We know how unique farming is. So we’ve designed features specifically for on-farm compliance.

For Horticulture

Our customers have taught us that horticulture is a complex business. We’re here to help you simplify your growing business payroll.

For Retail & Services

Juggling changing pays and rosters can be tough, but it doesn’t have to be. Let us automate your admin so you can get back to business.

For Tradies

Get back on the tools faster by ditching the paperwork.

For Tech

You’re no stranger to innovation. Don’t waste a minute on manual processes or clunky software. Join us as we build the future of payroll.

For Manufacturers

When it comes to payroll, we’ve got the goods.

For Forestry

We'll get your payroll humming like a well oiled chainsaw.

For SMEs

We understand the demands of running a small business. We’re keen to take one tough job off your plate. Find out how we’ll turn payroll from a slog to a snap.

We have features to cover everyone

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