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Pay Advance

Help staff access money they've already earned, before payday

Pay Advance

Cope with unexpected expenses

Cars break down, teeth get sore, and stuff happens. For employees on fortnightly or monthly pays, payday can be a long wait. Pay Advance gives staff early access to their own earnings to get them through these times.

Protect your people from loan sharks

Staff who are short on cash often resort to high-interest lenders. Pay Advance gives them a better option. No borrowing. No interest. No subscriptions. Just a simple $3 fee, regardless of the amount they draw down.

Pay Advance for Employees
Pay Advance for Employers

Be a really good boss

You care about your people, and it’s better they come to you than a high-interest lender. With Pay Advance, you’re in the loop when staff are in a tight spot.

Easy As

  1. Employers opt-in to the free service
  2. Employees use the mobile app to request a pay advance
  3. Employers are notified and approve each request
  4. Sorted

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Pay Advance FAQs

What is Pay Advance?

A pay advance is where you receive the money you have earned prior to payday. The amount advanced is then deducted from your regular pay.

I'm an employer, how can I offer this to my staff?

You need to be a PaySauce payroll customer. If you aren't a PaySauce customer, you can sign up here.

Pay Advance is currently available to clients using ASB Direct, ANZ Fileactive, BNZ File Transfer, Westpac File Transfer or anyone with a Payroll Letter of Credit.

How To: Activate and Use Pay Advance on Mobile App

I'm an employee, how can I get a pay advance?

Your employer has to be using PaySauce Payroll with a direct payment method and have opted in to the service. Then you can use the employee mobile app to request a pay advance.

How To: Activate and Use Pay Advance on Mobile App

How much can I get advanced?

You can get up to the amount earned since your last pay less any deductions such as PAYE, KiwiSaver, child support etc.

So, for example, let’s say you’re on a fortnightly pay and you earn $2,000 each pay. After 4 working days, you’d have access to a maximum of $800 of wages (less PAYE, KiwiSaver, and other deductions) to draw down as part of Pay Advance).

How quickly will I get the money?

Once your request has been submitted and your employer has approved it, it can take anywhere from a few minutes to a few hours. In some cases it might be processed overnight and you will see the funds the next day.

Can I get a Pay Advance on the weekend or banking holiday?

No. We can only process a Pay Advance on a business working day.

How much does it cost?

A flat fee of $3 (including GST) for any amount advanced.

Who pays the fee?

Usually the employee will pay the fee, but the system can be configured for the employer to pick up the cost.

Where does the money come from?

The employer advances the money. The advanced amount is then deducted from the next regular pay.

How many times can I get an advance?

You can get as many advances as you like, but you can only have one open pending advance at any time and you must have earned enough funds to draw upon.

Do you charge any interest on the advance?

No, we do not charge any interest.

Does this service require an additional subscription for the employer?

No. It's free for the employer to opt-in to this service.

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