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Over 75 accounting & bookkeeping practices work with PaySauce to offer payroll to their clients.

Payroll is one challenge that employers are pretty keen to hand over to an expert adviser. It’s time-consuming and tricky, and getting it wrong can be costly. Our software backed by your knowledge is the ultimate solution.

Holiday pay, days in lieu and all that stuff is so difficult... Normal payrolls just can’t handle it. That’s why I tell all my clients to use PaySauce... I trust that it’s doing the right thing.
Jacqui Porter - Primary Accounts

PaySauce is cloud-based software, meaning you and your client have access to the same data and operations in real time. Stay up-to-date with labour costing and cash flow, and get the full picture to make better decisions together. We even integrate seamlessly with Xero.

Partner with us and we’ll also hook your practice up with free payroll. It’s a smart way for you to get confident with PaySauce as a user, plus save a few bucks. Become a partner today!

The PaySauce Partner program has two partner types:

Referral Partner

You refer customers to us, providing them with an unbeatable solution. We keep you in the loop and help you get more confident with payroll stuff. We’re here to help you build a sustainable, thriving business based on your customers’ best interests.

OutSauced Partner

We look after you, while you look after your client. You take full charge of your clients’ payroll, and run PaySauce on their behalf. We can charge the end user, or bill you directly. PaySauce becomes another tool in your advisory belt, while your clients don’t have to worry about a thing.

Partner Rewards

Referral Partner

OutSauced Partner
Free payroll for your practice
Free setup for all clients
Unlimited support with a dedicated partner support line
Free bureau site
Training and advice
Endorsement as an official PaySauce Partner
Access to data and research findings
Percentage Discount
Offer PaySimple to clients
Dedicated account manager & onboarding manager
Make feature requests and give product feedback
Collaborate with us to create content, blogs, and webinars
PaySauce Certification coming soon

Partner Requirements

Referral Partner

OutSauced Partner
Display a PaySauce landing page on your website
Promote and refer us to business owners
Stay in touch! Follow us on social media and subscribe to our newsletter
Display our brochures & collateral
You support your clients, and we support you
Work with us to understand our software and the essentials of payroll

Partner Landing Page

Adding a PaySauce landing page to your website works for everyone! Featuring us on your site makes it easier for clients to find you and learn about your services, and we get to be promoted to your website visitors.

Landing page requirements

PaySauce Logo

PaySauce has a couple of logo versions, but wherever possible, please always use the full logo.

Always display the PaySauce logo at a reasonable size on a plain background and leave a bit of space around it.

Use the red logo on light coloured backgrounds or the white logo on dark backgrounds.

We recommend using the .svg version for sharper display, but you can also use a .png version if needed.

How to write "PaySauce" - capitalise the "S"

Please make sure we’re PaySauce and not Paysauce! It’s a teeny detail, but really important for our brand.

Joint Value Proposition

Start off with a short, snappy joint value proposition, and place it near the top of the page. This is the elevator pitch, summarising how your practice works with PaySauce to boost businesses.

If you’re stuck, have a look at some examples or send us an email. We’re happy to give you a hand.

Get your business running like clockwork with [your practice] and PaySauce Payroll.

PaySauce Summary

Include the below summary of PaySauce.

PaySauce is software for the human side of your business. Payroll, contracts, timesheets, leave management and payments, all from your mobile or computer.

PaySauce Imagery Optional

You can choose to include some images of PaySauce software, to show your visitors what the software actually looks like.

Feel free to use the images below on your landing page - or if you'd rather use your own screenshots, please check that they don’t show any sensitive customer information!

Benefits of Using PaySauce

Add a section on the benefits of using PaySauce through your practice. Some good points to make:

  • Payroll and accounting go hand-in-hand
  • Product features & benefits - mobile timesheets, labour costing, automatic calculations, ability for employers to review and approve a pay run on mobile
  • As an official PaySauce partner, you know the product and can support your client expertly
  • You’re able to access real time payroll data to provide better advisory services and support smarter decisions
Need help?

If you’d like help summarising the benefits of using PaySauce in tandem with your advisory services, just shout out - we’re happy to give you a hand.

If your clients are farming and/or rural businesses you might also like to include:

  • Industry specific features for agri employers - minimum wage top-ups, integrated Federated Farmers contracts
  • Specialist support team with years of agri payroll knowledge

Call to Action

Include a “call to action” or a catchy invitation for your visitors to follow.

Referral Partner
OutSauced Partner

All links to PaySauce should include a unique tracking code, so that we can identify visitors who have come to us via your website. Use the form below to generate your unique url.

Customer Testimonial Optional

Showcase your advisory services with PaySauce through a testimonial video, case study or quote.

Quick tips on creating an awesome case study

With [your practice] and PaySauce, we have saved two days every fortnight on paying our staff. We couldn’t be happier!
[your client]

We love our partners at PaySauce

We wouldn't be who we are without you. Let us help acknowledge the fine effort you put in by taking credit for the customers you provide to us.

Use the form below to create a unique URL which will help us track the customers from first visit through to signup.