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Paying COVID-19 Subsidies in PaySauce

by Laura Marwick

How to Apply for COVID-19 Employer Assistance and Isolation Leave

Situation 1

I’m receiving the COVID-19 Wage Subsidy to help me afford to pay my staff


to help you keep on and continue paying your people


your business can’t run due to lockdowns
if your team can still work but your business is suffering financially


How to pay:

This is paid as a lump sum from the government to the employer, covering 12 weeks per employee. During the subsidized period, payments to staff are treated as wages/salary (not an allowance or a leave payment) and are subject to the usual PAYE, KiwiSaver, Student Loan deductions etc.

Waged employees

If you can’t afford to pay 100% of an employee’s normal wage, calculate the relevant percentage (at least 80%) of their normal hours per week - i.e an employee who normally works 40 hours would receive 32 hours.

Pay those 32 hours at their normal rate and enter the remaining 20% (ie 8 hours) for the week as “leave without pay”. This means your employee gets the correct leave accrual for the week. If your employee requests it, the remaining 20% can be taken as paid leave.

You can use average weekly hours to calculate this if they work variable hours and don’t have a standard number of hours per week.

Salaried employees

Salaried staff automatically accrue the right amount of leave per week in PaySauce, so you won’t need to enter any leave without pay. Their hours (eg 80% of normal weekly hours) are entered at their standard rate. If your employee agrees, the remaining 20% can be taken as paid leave.


Situation 2

I’m receiving the COVID-19 Leave Payment while staff are away from work


to support employees who can’t work because of sickness or self-isolation


staff are self-isolating because they’re sick with COVID-19
are caring for a dependent who’s sick with COVID-19
are required to self-isolate by the Ministry of Health and can’t work from home


How to pay:

The government transfers this money to you as the employer, and you pass it on in full as wages to your employee.

If the payment isn’t enough to get by, it could be topped up with sick leave or annual leave if necessary (as discussed and agreed with your employee).

To pay this in PaySauce, set up an allowance.

This allowance will now appear in the employee’s pay card for that pay period.


These guidelines are based on the info we currently have from MSD, and these could still change. We’re keeping an eye on them and will update if we need to, and you can see the latest here.


Entitlement Calculator

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Posted on 27 March 2020

Laura Marwick
Head of Marketing

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