How To

Let us guide you through the tricky bits

Run Ordinary Pay
Pay Annual or Sick Leave
Enter Statutory & Public Holidays
Terminate an Employee
Add New Salaried Employee
Add New Waged Employee
Change Pay Rate
Invite Employee to Download App
Add Child Support Deduction
Add New Allowance or Payment
Add Reminder Note
Add Second Account
Apply Global Deductions
Change Employee Bank Account
Change Tax Code
Set Up a Bonus
Set Up a Deduction
Set Up Government Deduction
Use Employee Phone App
Activate Timesheet
Cash Up Annual Leave
Integrate with Cashmanager RURAL
Integrate with Xero
Minimum Wage Top-Up
Resend Payslip
Run a One-Off Pay Cycle
Link Manager & Employee Accounts on Mobile App
Reduce Leave from Standard Wages
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How To: Pay Statutory and Public Holidays for Farmers
How To: Close Pay with Employer Mobile App
How To: Set Up & Pay a Contractor