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How To

Let us guide you through the tricky bits

How To Category Time
Add New Salaried Employee Adding Employees 4:31
Add New Waged Employee Adding Employees 3:50
Set Up & Pay Contractor Adding Employees 6:19
Add Casual Employee with 8% Holiday Pay Adding Employees 5:10
Terminate an Employee Managing Employees 2:13
Change Pay Rate Managing Employees 1:08
Add Child Support Deduction Managing Employees 1:02
Add New Allowance or Payment Managing Employees 2:14
Add Reminder Note Managing Employees 2:09
Change Employee Bank Account Managing Employees 0:36
Change Tax Code Managing Employees 1:02
Set Up a Bonus Managing Employees 3:06
Set Up a Deduction Managing Employees 1:53
Set Up Government Deduction Managing Employees 3:05
Activate Timesheet Managing Employees 1:32
Pay Annual or Sick Leave Managing Leave 2:05
Enter Statutory & Public Holidays Managing Leave 3:59
Cash Up Annual Leave Managing Leave 2:31
Reduce Leave from Standard Wages Managing Leave 2:36
Pay Statutory & Public Holidays for Farmers Managing Leave 5:51
Enter Leave Adjustments Managing Leave 2:31
Use Leave Calendar Managing Leave 3:40
Run Ordinary Pay Running Payroll 4:16
Apply Global Deductions Running Payroll 1:31
Minimum Wage Top-Up Running Payroll 1:47
Resend Payslip Running Payroll 0:54
Run a One-Off Pay Cycle Running Payroll 2:22
Run a Dairy Farm Payroll Running Payroll 5:47
Close Pay with Employer Mobile App Running Payroll 2:38
Integrate with CashManager RURAL Integrations 0:55
Integrate with Xero Integrations 2:15
Invite Employee to Download App Using PaySauce 1:13
Add Second Account Using PaySauce 1:23
Use Employee Phone App Using PaySauce 2:07
Link Manager & Employee Accounts on Mobile App Using PaySauce 2:07