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All Federated Farmers members receive a $50 credit on sign-up. You can sign up today and give PaySauce a go without spending a cent.

Handle pay day in minutes and get back to farming ...or anything else!

Payroll can be tricky. Federated Farmers have plenty to do without worrying about chasing timesheets, keeping labour inspectors happy, leave calculations, and minimum wage top-ups. Leave the worrying to us. PaySauce helps you run pay quickly and accurately, from your phone or computer, so you can get back to the important stuff.

Peace of mind with minimum wage top-ups

PaySauce is the first NZ payroll system to track timesheets for salaried staff and automatically compare against the minimum wage. If staff go under minimum wage, you’ll be notified to add a top-up. As a Federated Farmer never be caught short with this seamless approach to automatic compliance.

Access to specialised phone based support at all times

Agri payroll is different. Because the PaySauce team already look after hundreds of Federated Farmers up and down the country, when you call our free 0800 support line, you’ll speak to someone who knows about your payroll. Accommodation allowances, banking lieu hours, rent deductions, Xero and Cashmanager RURAL - no need to explain to our expert team.

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