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Farm Boss Appreciation Day

The most awesome farm boss voted by you!

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Annalize and Stefan du Plessis
Mosa Farming - Southland

You were voted the most awesome farm boss, receiving 77 votes.

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Everything! From having an open door policy to being soft and understanding. They never think twice to help out on the farm when the need calls. They love to teach people about the dairy industry. They really spoil us as staff,heaps of treats in calving to keep us going, a warm breakfast on a cold morning, a warm plate of food after a long day and loads group activities. Annalize and Stefan always makes sure that things at home are all good as well. If we have a problem financialy or personally they always lend a hand out. They want us to grow in the Dairy industry and will help us how ever they can. They always praise us for the work that we do and we as staff can see the appreciation from their side. I honestly cannot ask for better employers. They are more like family!
Always looking out for their staff and making us feel valued and appreciated. Support when support is needed and guide when guidance is needed. Just lovely people to work for and spoil us regularly with treats, food and bickys at the shed 😋 definitely deserves a wee treat too.
We firstly wanted to thank our staff for nominating us for this award and people who trust in us to believe we are good employers. But we wanted to dedicate this award to many good employers out there. We believe that there are many employers who are doing amazing things for their people. We as employers try to help our people where we can and treat them with respect. Good working conditions, wages, good housing and time off is all things we trying to do as best as we can. Regular team building get togethers help build morale and keep our team in good spirits. We appreciate all their hard work and make sure we tell them.
Annalize and Stefan du Plessis