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What size company is PaySauce designed for?

We have clients with one staff member all the way up to 300. Businesses of all sizes and shapes can save time and money with our service.

How does the sign-up process work?

After completing the sign-up form, we will contact you for any outstanding information such as banking arrangements. If you get stuck, give us a call and we can walk you through the process.

If you are coming from another provider, we can import all of your existing employees and their respective balances to make switching as easy as possible.

How much does it cost?

$5 per pay run, plus $1.89 per employee*.

*plus bank fees and GST.

No setup costs, no support costs, no monthly fees.

I have seasonal staff, do I have to pay for them even when they aren't working?

No. You only pay for the staff included in the pay run.

Why do you charge bank fees?

When we handle payments to your staff and the IRD, the bank charges us for every transaction processed. This is a fee that you would normally pay with your own bank if you did the payments yourself.

Our standard charge is $0.37 plus GST per transaction. As an example, if you’ve got 5 staff, you might end up paying $0.37 per payment to staff, plus $0.37 for a payment to the PAYE trust account, and $0.37 for a deduction on a staff member’s pay, for a total of $2.59 plus GST in bank fees for the pay run.

Am I locked in?

We don't have a minimum contract term. If you don't love our software, you can move on at any time.

Is PaySauce just for farmers?

No, PaySauce is designed for all types of business.

Do I still need to log into the IRD website?

No, you don't. As part of the sign-up process, you'll nominate us as your PAYE intermediary. This means that each pay day, we'll deduct the PAYE along with your wages and pay it to the IRD on your behalf when it's due. You won't ever need to make a payment or file anything with the IRD again.

Are you a listed PAYE intermediary?

Yes. Our payroll is processed by Right Remuneration Ltd - a 100% owned subsidiary of PaySauce Ltd.

Right Remuneration is listed on the IRD website.

Do you support accommodation allowances?

Yes, our system is designed to handle even the most complex payroll requirements.

Do you support multiple pay periods?

Yes, our system is designed to handle even the most complex payroll requirements.

Do you support multiple allowances to a single employee?

Yes, our system is designed to handle even the most complex payroll requirements.

Do you support child support deductions?

Yes, our system is designed to handle even the most complex payroll requirements.

Do you support splitting pays to multiple accounts?

Yes, our system is designed to handle even the most complex payroll requirements.


What needs to happen before I can run my first pay?

After the sign-up process is complete, you will be able to run your first pay.

My staff won't use the mobile app, how are they added to the system?

All of our mobile app functionality is optional. We think the employee kiosk is a great way to save time on payroll, but it's not compulsory. No matter how you collect your timesheet information, our system can save you time (for example, you can drag and drop csv timesheets into our system to save time on data entry).

I use a third party bureau, how is onboarding different?

Instead of PaySauce being your first point of contact, you should reach out to your managing bureau for support.

We are moving from a different payroll provider, can I import their data to PaySauce?

Yes. We can support importing other providers data into PaySauce.

I'm an employee trying to create an account, but I keep getting asked to download the mobile app?

Employees must have an account created by their employer. After your employer has created your account, they should email you an invite to download and login to the mobile app.


I want to run my pay from a computer, not a phone - is that a problem?

Not at all. Using the app is completely optional. We have a full web-based solution you can access from any device you like.

Do you keep track of annual and sick leave?

We're a one stop shop for your payroll needs - including tracking leave accrued and taken, and reports on pay and leave history.

All of my employees are salaried, do they need to enter timesheets?

No they don't. The timesheets are available for those who require them, otherwise you don't need to turn on this feature.

Where do I download the mobile app from?

You can find the mobile app in their respective Apple and Android app stores.

What is the bank account number to deposit payments?


Please make sure it is appropriatly identifiable.


My employer does not use PaySauce can I still sign up?

Unfortunately, no. We only allow employers to create new accounts and to register their employees.

I have a question regarding my pay, should I contact you?

In the first instance you should contact your employer. While our logo might be on your payslip, it's all controlled by your employer.

Where can I find old payslips?

You can find these in the app. If you're not setup for using the app, please contact your employer.

Why can't I access my timesheet for data entry?

Usually this is because a previous payroll needs to be closed first. Your employer should set up an automation to open a new period regardless of the previous period's status. They can contact our support team for help with this.

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