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I’m considering PaySauce

What size company is PaySauce designed for?

We can handle one employee all the way up to 300+. Businesses of all sizes and shapes can save themselves time and trouble with PaySauce.

Can my accountant or financial adviser manage my payroll for me?

Of course! If you’re keen on this, have your financial adviser get in touch with us and we can set you up. Because PaySauce is cloud-based, both you and your adviser will be able to see the same data at the same time, so everyone stays in the loop.

How does sign-up work?

You complete the initial sign-up form on the website. We provide you with a few important forms so we can connect to your bank and your IR account. Then we get you all set up for your easiest payday ever!

If you’re coming from another provider, we can import all your employees and their existing records and balances. Beautiful.

How much does it cost?
I have seasonal staff on my payroll. Do I have to pay for them even when they aren't actually working?

PaySauce is provided as a subscription service, so your base charge stands even if you’re not actively using the system. Your per employee charge only applies to staff who you’ve actively paid that month.

Do you charge bank fees?

Bank fees apply on our Simple pricing plan, but are absorbed at Standard and Premium levels.

Am I locked in?

Nope! You’re not on a contract or a term, just month to month. If you don't love our software, you can leave any time. But we really hope you’ll stay.

Is PaySauce just for farmers?

Nope! PaySauce can do awesome things for all types of businesses. Though we do have some special features for farms, because they operate quite differently to most other industries.

Do I still need to log into the Inland Revenue website?

Not unless you really want to. As part of the sign-up process, you’ll nominate PaySauce as your PAYE intermediary. That means that every payday, we’ll deduct PAYE along with wages, and pay IR on your behalf when it’s due. You won’t ever have to make payments or filings to IR again. Hooray!

Are you a listed PAYE intermediary?

We sure are. We own a subsidiary called Right Remuneration Ltd, which we use to process your payroll. Find Right Remuneration listed on the IR website.

Do you support accommodation allowances?

Of course! We have hundreds of farming customers and we’ve built our system to deliver what they need. You’ll find that we’re pretty knowledgeable about the quirks of agri payroll.

Do you support multiple pay periods?

Yup. Our system can handle even the most complex payroll requirements, and our awesome support team will help you set things up.

Do you support multiple allowances to a single employee?

Yup. This is a favourite feature among our trades, transport and agri customers. Our system is super customisable, and our awesome support team will help you set things up.

Do you support child support deductions?

Of course. PAYE, student loans, child support and anything else you throw at us.

Do you support splitting pays to multiple accounts?

Yup. Our system can handle even the most complex payroll requirements, and our awesome support team will help you set things up.

I’ve just signed up for PaySauce

What needs to happen before I can run my first pay?

Once your set-up is complete, you can run your first pay. We’ll work with you to make sure you process on time.

My staff won't use the mobile app, can I still use the system?

No worries! The mobile app is optional, though we do think it’s a great way to save time. But we’re happy to work with you to fit PaySauce to your requirements. No matter how you collect timesheet information, our system can save you time (for example, you can drag and drop csv timesheets into our system for faster data entry).

I use a third party bureau (ie. an accountant) - is onboarding different?

Instead of PaySauce being your first point of contact, you should reach out to whoever manages your payroll for support.

We’re moving from a different payroll provider, can I import my data to PaySauce?

You sure can! You’ll just need a document to upload.

I'm an employee trying to create an account, but I keep getting asked to download the mobile app?

Employees need to have a “parent” account created by their employer. Once your boss has created an account, you’ll get an email inviting you to download the mobile app.

I’m an employer using PaySauce

I want to run my pay from a computer, not a phone - is that a problem?

Not at all. The app is totally optional. We have a full web-based solution that you can access from any device.

Do you keep track of annual and sick leave?

Of course! We've got all your payroll needs covered - including tracking leave accrued and taken, and reports on pay and leave history.

All of my employees are on salaries, do they have to enter timesheets?

No need! The timesheets are just for those who require them. You can just leave this feature.

Where do I download the mobile app from?

You can find PaySauce in the Apple and Android app stores.

I’m an employer - How do I reset my password?

Just click ‘Login’ in the top panel of paysauce.com, then click ‘Reset Password’.

I’m an employee using PaySauce

My employer does not use PaySauce can I still sign up?

Sadly, not right now. We need an employer account to create employee entities in our system. But thanks for the interest, you have great taste!

I have a question about my pay - can you help?

Your first stop should be your employer. While our logo might be on your payslip, it's all up to them! We also can’t give out any sensitive information without your employer’s say-so.

Where can I find old payslips?

You can find these in the mobile app, under “Payslips”, funnily enough. If you’re not set up for the app, contact your employer.

Why can’t I access my timesheet to put my hours in?

Your employer might not subscribe to the right type of PaySauce plan for timesheet access. Or it might be that a previous pay run needs to be “closed” first. To fix this, your employer can set up automation to open a new pay period no matter what. They should contact our support team for help with this.

How long does it take for my pay to come through?

This is dependent on a few factors:

  • Who your employer banks with
  • Who you bank with
  • The banking method your employer uses to run payroll

While some combinations can be almost instant, others can take a while longer. Please be patient and discuss any unusual delays with your employer.

Contract Builder by Federated Farmers

How much is a digital contract?

If you're a Feds member, it's $95+GST. For non-members, a contract comes in at $475+GST.

Where do I find the Contract Builder?

It's on the PaySauce platform, which can be a little tricky to find. Find it at the very bottom of paysauce.com under the “App Directory” of the "Beta Platform" or at https://www.paysauce.com/app/contract-builder/

How do I access it?

Add the Contract Builder to your dashboard by selecting "Contract Builder" under "Get More Apps". If you haven't selected a farming industry during set-up, you'll have to find "Get More Apps" in the top right hand corner. Then open the app to start creating employment agreements.

Do I have to be a PaySauce customer to use it?

Nope! You can sign up specifically to use and purchase the Contract Builder. This won't subscribe you to PaySauce Payroll or any other PaySauce app.

There's a section here that doesn't apply to me, but the system won't let me remove it or skip it. Help!

There are a few things that can’t be taken out of the contract, but might not be relevant for you. In this case, just enter a placeholder value in the required field, like "not applicable".

How do I get my Feds member discount?

You need to enter your Federated Farmers membership number when you purchase your contract. You can also add it under your Company view (on the main dashboard, where you can see "Company" and "Contract Builder"). For this to be available, you’ll need to have selected a farming category under the "Industry" section.

How do I sign?

You can sign digitally with your mouse or a touchscreen. Just navigate to the white box and draw your signature. If you're unhappy with it, just hit "clear signature" and try again.

I'm finished, but I can't send to my employee. What's wrong?

Look for a little warning sign along the left hand side. This means you've left a required field empty in this section. Click on that section, and find the clause that's highlighted in red.

What happens after I hit send?

The contract will automatically go to your employee's email address (as you entered it at the start of the contract, under Parties). Then they can look it over and sign or decline it.

Do I need to print it off?

Not unless you want to. You can choose to download the completed contract as a PDF for your records - but rest assured, we'll store it digitally for the next seven years, even if you're no longer an active customer.

How do I print it off?

Once you've purchased the contract, you can download it as a PDF. You'll find this option on the top right-hand panel, where there are several icons.

Can I save a contract to use again?

You can! Save the contract as a template and you can use the same terms, conditions and job specifications. This will be on the right-hand icon panel, after you've purchased the contract.

What if my employee doesn't have a computer?

They can use their smartphone to review and sign the contract (or the other way around).

How will I know if my document's been saved?

The document will be regularly auto-saved as you work on it. There's a status bar on the right hand side of the workflow wizard - this will tell you when your contract was last saved.

How can I check up on my contract?

Want to see the status of your contract? In the document library section of the tool, you'll see "status" next to each document you've created. This will tell you if your contract is a draft, is ready to be sent, or has been sent, returned or declined.

How do I know it's been sent?

Your contract's status will show up as "waiting" in your document library.

I've already sent the contract, but I need to make changes in it. How can I fix it?

After you've sent the contract, you can select the double arrow symbol to take it back and edit it. Your employee can also suggest changes at their end, but these won't alter the document itself.

I'm stuck. How can I get help?

If you have a question about employment law, please call Feds. If you need tech support, call PaySauce on 0800 746 700.

How do I purchase my contract?

First you'll need to "Mark as Ready" (you can do this even if you're not finished editing the contract yet). Once you've marked it as ready, a payment window will pop up. You can pay with a credit card or debit card, but you can't charge this to your Feds account.

What does the "import" button do?

Once your employee has signed on and is all set, you can "import" them to PaySauce payroll. This will pull through any accommodation allowances, other special payments, the employee's personal details and contract terms, and set them up, ready for payday.

Can I download the contract, edit it by hand and then upload it back into the tool?

Afraid not. You can download, print it out and proceed with the contract process manually, but it won't be stored by us and will almost definitely slow down your onboarding process.

What if I want to sort out tenancy separately?

You can create a separate (but linked) tenancy agreement as a different document. When you reach the tenancy and accommodation section of the contract, just hit "Create Linked Tenancy Agreement", then find the newly created agreement in your Contract Builder document library.

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