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Plainvue Farms

Tony Walters

Hello, my name's Tony Walters. I run a farming company with my wife called Plainvue Farms.

I've always been a manual person - manual entries, manual employment contracts, manual wages. Frustration came when I had to pay IRD within three days of paying an employees wages. So, we had a new employee and I wanted to make things simpler for myself. I'm a Federated Farmers member so we did our employment contracts through Federated Farmers electronically this time, and then immediately connected to PaySauce and then setup with PaySauce to pay the wages, keep track of hours, keep track of holiday pay. The hardest thing that I had was linking my bank account and signing all the paperwork required for that because we're with Rabobank and they're a little bit more difficult.

Since using PaySauce this year,
can't fault it - it's good!
Tony Walters, Plainvue Farms

Since using PaySauce this year, can't fault it - it's good! My worker gets to see the hours, her holidays, I know what's happening and at the end of the pay period I just have to click confirm - job's done, look at the reports, the pay's done, can't be much simpler than that!

And now with PaySauce being linked to Xero with coding, it's so easy that it's automatically coded in my Xero. There's nothing for me to do, I just got to click on the Xero to reconcile, and ok - and the jobs done, easy! And it actually separates out which is wages and which is deductions and holiday pay as well. It's easy, simple! One job less that I have to do.

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