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Johnsonville Club Inc.

Barry Morrison, Club Manager

Johnsonville Club Inc is the "friendliest club in Wellington". It’s easy-as to join (just like PaySauce!), and with great food and a relaxing lounge bar, Barry and the team always make you feel welcome.

Barry Morrison has been around hospitality for 30 years, and reckons PaySauce is the easiest payroll platform he’s ever used.

Before PaySauce, I had 5 different apps. I had to manually transfer data, and that just led to mistakes. PaySauce ticks all the boxes. And it integrates with Xero. The set-up and training were so easy. I now spend just 5 minutes on a Monday doing payroll.
Barry Morrison, Club Manager

While changing payroll platforms can feel like a daunting prospect, Barry gives "a special mention to the onboarding team, who did the bulk of bringing our leave across from the old system. They were knowledgeable, helpful, and got me sorted – which is no mean feat. I also want to thank and acknowledge the training, which got me up and running in just two short sessions."

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