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Federated Farmers

Andrew Hoggard, National Chairman

Federated Farmers teamed up with PaySauce, a service that offers a streamlined, digitised and easy-to-use payroll service that helps farmers stay compliant with regulations, and on-side with their employees. This strategic partnership aims to help farming businesses cut down on the time and mountain of paperwork that payroll usually involves.

Federated Farmers advocates by uniting members around the world to work on the most important issues facing the profession. Many farmers are looking for simple, cost-effective solutions to help them run their business better.

Payroll in the agricultural sector presents many challenges, and business owners are combatting those by switching over to PaySauce. It is the only New Zealand payroll system that can track timesheets for salaried staff, providing complete records for the Labour Inspectorate. Its system automatically compares timesheets against the minimum wage, and prompts users to top up where necessary. Most farm owners are still carrying out these tasks manually and are at risk of fines for minimum wage breaches because staff work inconsistent hours.

The more farmers that utilise PaySauce the better. I feel it is a bulletproof system for compliance.
Andrew Hoggard, Dairy Farmer and Chairman of Federated Farmers Dairy, Kiwitea

Andrew Hoggard, national vice-president of Federated Farmers says, "I am also a dairy farmer at Kiwitea, just north of Feilding. From an industry perspective, one of the biggest challenges we have faced in the last couple of years, aside from water, is employment. It's another thing that we've had the stick poked at us for."

"Most farmers don't intentionally have an attitude where they want to rip off staff, but getting compliance right is very challenging. The more farmers that utilise PaySauce the better. I feel it is a bulletproof system for compliance. I use it myself and I estimate that I spend five minutes a fortnight doing payroll. The staff put in their hours directly from their smartphones and it all goes into the cloud so I can see and cross check it. It is simpler, faster and cheaper. I think it is a no brainer."

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