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Track wages against different business units or job codes

Payroll Timesheets

Keep accurate records

For many businesses it’s important to track wages against different cost centers, business units or job codes. Often this is done on paper: staff write down what they were working on, and someone tallies the wages up against the right accounting codes.

PaySauce lets staff allocate hours against addresses, job codes, specific tasks - you name it. Once managers approve, this can be applied directly to the appropriate cost centre. Accurate, and easy.

Smart data

For tradies, tracking wages against client codes is a great way to prepare billing info for quotes, or to check profitability of a job. For agri employers, tracking wages against different farms is important to work out wage cost per kg of milk solids.

Payroll Costing Report
Payroll Integrations

Direct integrations

PaySauce plugs straight into your accounting system to push through the wage expense with all the correct costings applied. No extra work for you, and the accountant will be happy.

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