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Xerocon Sydney 2022

The Buildup

The fantastic PaySauce marketing team reposted my blog on Xerocon from 2019, and it struck me that it ended with "...see you in 2020."

Obviously, the world has changed since then, but I am lucky enough to be going to Sydney in 2022 now with some of the awesome PaySauce crew, and I thought it might be time to post what I am most looking forward to after being away for the last three years. Thinking back, Matt Vickers invited me to my first Xerocon in 2012, where we both worked on the first digital bank connection between ASB and Xero. Things have probably changed a bit over the last decade, but Xerocon is still one of my favourite conferences.

Following on from London and New Orleans, Sydney is the final Xerocon this year and being on home turf for many of the Xero; I am sure the wrap party will be something not to miss. But what else am I personally looking forward to, and what tidbits can we gain from London and New Orleans other than some fantastic photos of David Bell and Anna Curzon?

The must-go-to event for me from the Xerocon Sydney 2022 agenda is Steve Vamos's opening on "Our shared purpose & partnership". Previously, the opening of Xerocon by the CEO usually sets the scene for the rest of the two days. It can be seen as the TL;DR of the entire event, getting snippets of everything and letting you know what speakers and presentations not to miss. The language used by Steve here will usually be echoed throughout the presentations over the two days by the rest of the Xero team. Finding out what partners outside of Xero use this same language is a fascinating insight into who has been working closely with the Xero team.

The other must-go-to that I won't miss is the Australian digital payroll presentation on compliance in a digital environment. Contrasting and comparing the challenges between NZ and Australia will be fascinating, especially with PaySauce, Xero and Figured having the #Xeroforfarming proposition in New Zealand, where PaySauce handles all the New Zealand payroll compliance, banking and filing.

At first glance, there does not seem to be much on the technical side for app Partners like PaySauce, but I am sure I'll be able to hunt down someone like James Bergin or Levi Allan as there seems to be A LOT happening in the partner space, especially with the launch of the new Xero App store.

The biggest opportunity, of course, is catching up with all the partners and Xero crew, some of whom I haven't seen face to face since 2019. Let me know if you are in Sydney next week, as I'd love to catch up either on the floor at ICC in my red PaySauce hoodie or at one of the fine establishments on Darling harbour for a cheeky ale.


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Posted on 2 September 2022

Mat Stokes

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