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What's top of mind for our CEO?

Let me first start off by saying a massive thank you for being such a loyal customer.

Here at PaySauce, as we grow and evolve, we remind ourselves that if not for the support of customers such as yourself, we wouldn't be here! I know that some of you are also shareholders who have invested in us - thank you for your confidence and belief in us. One of the key messages we give all our new employees is that you, as an employer, are trusting us to calculate correctly and pay on time what's owed to your employees every pay run. That's our core mission.

As we have been growing, there have been times in the past when we have yet to get things right particularly around being available to deal with your queries and questions. You have told us that, and we have taken that feedback onboard.

As we enter this busy time of year, I wanted to let you know about the significant improvements we have made to our customer service centre at PaySauce, all with the aim of enhancing your customer experience. We understand how stressful it can be running a business, and we greatly value your support and are committed to providing you with the best service possible.

We have implemented several significant changes to our operations. These improvements are a result of careful analysis and your direct feedback, allowing us to address pain points and streamline our processes. Here are some of the key enhancements we have made:

Expanded staffing

We have bolstered our contact centre team by 46% by hiring and training additional customer service representatives. That's seven new people dedicated to supporting you.

Extended support hours

Recognizing the need for flexibility, we have extended our support hours at the start of the year, and our contact centre is now available to assist you from 8am to 6pm (5:30pm on Fridays.)

Improved query handling

We have implemented a more sophisticated system that directs you to the most suitable representative based on you and your query, regardless of how you contact us through phone, chat, or email. During busy times if we can't get to your call in 3 minutes, we will ask you to leave a callback - 70% of our callbacks are responded to within 30 minutes, and 100% are called back within 90 minutes.

Enhanced training and knowledge base

Our customer service representatives have undergone comprehensive training to enhance their expertise further and ensure they are equipped to address your inquiries effectively. Additionally, we have developed an extensive knowledge base, allowing our team and you to access relevant information promptly and provide you with accurate answers.

Chat integration

We have launched an in-app chat, which is currently managed by the customer service team and will be further enhanced in the coming months as we integrate a state-of-the-art chatbot into our contact centre system. The chatbot utilises artificial intelligence to understand and respond to your queries instantly. It will provide real-time assistance 24/7, allowing you to find answers to common questions and access information promptly.

We are not stopping there; we will continue to invest in providing a continuously improving solution backed by great customer care. I want you to be truly delighted with your dealings with us.

I remain committed to PaySauce delivering exceptional customer service. Our improvements in customer service are part of our ongoing efforts to provide you with a seamless and frictionless experience. We genuinely value your business and are grateful for your continued trust and support.

If you have any further questions, concerns, or suggestions, please do not hesitate to reach out.

Thank you for choosing PaySauce. We look forward to serving you and exceeding your expectations in future.

Asantha, CEO

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Posted on 26 June 2023

Asantha Wijeyeratne
CEO / Co-founder

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