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The PaySauce Platform

by Laura Marwick

Five years ago, we set out to build "the world's best payroll application".

Today, we quit.


To be "the best", you always have to improve. Customers keep suggesting new features, and we keep thinking up innovations. There's always newer and smarter ways to get the job done, so we're endlessly adding and building. So far, so good, right?

But an application can only grow so much before extra features start to become clutter. Not all our customers need timesheets, complex costing, rosters or specialised contracts, and there's still so much we want to add. We're trying to solve everybody's problems, but not everybody needs all our solutions.

So we're announcing the beta launch of the PaySauce platform.

An application is a single tool. Maybe you can combine a few into one, like a Swiss Army knife. It's good for just a few specific tasks.

A platform is home to a range of applications - it's an entire toolbox. It lets you choose the right item for the task at hand. The PaySauce platform will allow you to choose the solutions your business needs, and leave the rest. Every customer can build their own integrated toolkit, from the apps that are important to them.

While each application runs independently, they're designed to work together. The apps on the PaySauce platform are connected, with information shared securely between them. We're not just building the best payroll app; we're building an integrated business toolbox.

The first app on the new platform is a digital contract from our strategic partner Federated Farmers. The contract builder delivers industry-specific employment agreements and brings the entire process online. The agreement is drawn up, sent out, signed and finalised digitally. Once it's confirmed, your new employee's details will automatically appear in your payroll app, so you don't need to re-enter information.

This is the kind of effortless sharing that we'll be building throughout the platform. And it can grow indefinitely. Expect to see heaps of new features and apps rolling out in the coming months. Our hosted apps will fix the tricky bits of management, budgeting, health and safety and record keeping, all while exchanging essential data to provide new insights and connect different parts of your business.

What if you're already using PaySauce?

So, what does this mean for our existing customers? Nothing, if you don't want to make any changes. But we'd love for you to give it a try! Just use your current login details to take a look around.

If you're not ready to make the leap, don't worry - all information is synced with the original PaySauce payroll, so you can swap between them. You can keep using the current version for anything challenging or urgent. But we think you'll soon find that the new PaySauce gives you a cleaner, easier experience, while also letting you do more.

This is a major development, for our company and our customers. We've spent the last few years listening to employers and small business owners, and we know we can provide you with way more than simply payroll. This change gives PaySauce the freedom to grow in many directions, turning our wacky ideas into extraordinary outcomes. We'd love to have you along for the ride.


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Posted on 6 May 2019

Laura Marwick
Marketing Communications & Engagement Manager

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