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We’re doing something different this Christmas

1 in 5 New Zealanders suffer from food insecurity.

It saddens us to see and hear how kiwis can suffer from food insecurity. We can do better. How is this a thing for a nation that produces ample produce and dairy for the world?

What we’re doing about it

We know that Kiwis are a generous bunch, and PaySauce makes regular charitable donations easier than ever with payroll giving for staff. One of the values we live by is ‘do good and be honest’ so we couldn't be happier to team up with Meat the Need to do something good at Christmas.

Mince packs provided by Meat the Need

Meat the Need is a new national charity designed to supply much needed meat (and milk) to families who need feeding. The meat is donated by farmers, then processed, packed and delivered by the Meat the Need team to community groups who get the food to New Zealanders who can’t afford it.

It takes a team to accomplish such a big task. So we’ve teamed up with Fundtap to match all donations made to the charity via the Payroll Giving feature in the PaySauce app, from 24th November until Christmas.

Here’s how can help if you’re an employee using PaySauce


Head straight into your PaySauce app, click Payroll Giving


You’ll see Meat the Need as a featured charity


Select either a one off donation or a continued contribution

Employees of PaySauce customers can donate to Meat the Need via the Payroll Giving feature in their app, and automatically get their tax credit, meaning for every $10 donated it just costs them $6.66. That funds 9 meals which, when matched by the campaign partners, turns into 27 meals.

Join us in MEAT-ING The Need for everyday kiwis and truly make a difference.

Wayne Langford, Founder & General Manager of Meat the Need
As a mother of five, I was shocked to see a child at one of our primary schools with nothing other than a packet of rice crackers for their food for the entire day. Talking to other parents, school teachers, and principals, I found out that this is happening in every school, kindergarten and preschool where children might be bringing little or no food for their day. We all know when we are hungry that we find it hard to focus. Imagine how hard it is for a child to have little food during a busy school day.
Jo Taylor, Arable Farmer and Founder of Kai for Kids
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Posted on 24 November 2022

Marie-Claire Andrews
Head of Sales & Marketing

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