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Getting Started with the Contract Builder

by Laura Marwick

A snappy guide to the Federated Farmers Contract Builder. We take you through step-by-step, from account set-up to sending off your first contract.

Finding the Contract Builder

Step 1

Head to the very bottom of and find the link marked “App Directory” or go to

Website Footer

Step 2

If you already have a PaySauce account, click ‘Login to Platform’ and enter your details Then skip ahead to Building Your First Contract.

Existing Customer
Login to Platform
New Customer
Create Account

Making an Account

Step 3

If you don’t have a PaySauce account, click ‘New: Create Account’. Pop in your details, making sure you use a current email address.

Click ‘Create Free Account’.

Create Account

Step 4

Check your inbox for a verification email from PaySauce. If you can’t find it, check your spam folder - it might’ve snuck in there.

Click ‘Confirm your email’. This will bring you right back to us.

Verify Email

Step 5

Click ‘employer’ and fill in your company details. If you’ve chosen an agri industry, you’ll also see an option to enter your Feds membership number. This gives you $50 joining credit if you choose to use PaySauce Payroll, as well as a significantly lower price on your contract.

Select View Type

Step 6

Click “Save and Continue”. You’re ready to get started with the contract builder!

Save Details

Building Your First Contract

Step 7

On your new PaySauce dashboard, you’ll see an option to ‘Get More Apps’. Click on Contract Builder and select ‘Install App’.

You’re now set up and ready to create a contract.

Get App
Install App

Step 8

Open the Contract Builder app. Click ‘New Contract’ and choose the type of employment agreement that you want. In this example, we’ve used Fixed Term.

Open App
New Contract

Step 9

You’ll be taken into our ‘workflow wizard’. This shows you a list of steps you’ll follow to get the contract finished and signed.

Workflow Wizard

Step 10

Click ‘Edit Contract’ and start filling in the details of the employment agreement. Work your way down through the sections. When you’re finished with a section, click ‘Continue’ on the bottom right of the page. You can also jump to a section by clicking on the title on the left hand side.

Edit Contract

Step 11

Fields marked with a red asterix * are mandatory and have to be filled in. If one of these isn’t relevant (for example, your employee doesn’t have a phone number), fill it in with a placeholder (ie “111111”).

Required Fields

Step 12

Sections marked with a cross are optional and can be removed from the contract entirely. Click the cross to remove them from the contract.

Removable Clause

Step 13

If you want to know more about your responsibilities as an employer, click ‘Open’ in the blue box you’ll see at the top of some sections. This will show you information on legislation and the requirements of an employment agreement.

More Info

Step 14

Throughout the contract, you can add extra subclauses where needed.

Add Subclause

Step 15

As you build your contract, you’ll see a list of sections on the left side of your screen. A green tick means that section is completed and good to go. A red exclamation mark means there are some required fields that still need to be filled in.

Completed Sections

Step 16

At the bottom of this list, you’ll see several “schedules”. These are additional sections that you can choose to add to the contract, like a job description or Drug and Alcohol Policy.

Additional Schedules

Step 17

For each schedule you want to use, select “yes” and fill in the details. If you don’t need it, just select “no”.

Optional Schedules

Step 18

Once the list on the left side shows all green ticks, you’re all set!

Sign your contract digitally using your mouse and then select “Mark as Ready.” A purchase window will come up - just enter your card details to securely pay for your contract, then select “send” to fire it off to your employee.

Sign Agreement

Step 19

The contract will be sent direct to your employee’s email address as entered in the ‘employee’s contact details’ section. If your employee doesn’t receive an email, please double check that their contact details have been entered correctly.

They can sign and send it back, or suggest changes. Either way, we’ll notify you.

Congratulations! You just successfully used a digital contract. Welcome to the future of hiring.


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Posted on 9 August 2019

Laura Marwick
Marketing Communications & Engagement Manager

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