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News: Federated Farmers Contract Builder

by Laura Marwick

Hiring on farm can be a rough ride. Most systems are built for 9-5 businesses, and farming has a special employment environment.

Contracts need specific clauses around allowances and tenancy arrangements, hours and work rhythms are wildly variable, the skill set is tricky to quantify and finding staff is increasingly challenging. You may need to hire quickly and often. Unemployment levels are near historic lows, while being a best-practice employer is more important than ever.

Tennancy Agreement

What can we do about it?

We've spent the last year developing an online employment agreement tool with Federated Farmers. We reckon this has huge potential to speed up and simplify on farm hiring. It's agri-specific and vetted by legal experts, just like the existing Federated Farmers contracts. But going digital removes a lot of hiring stops and hurdles. The Contract Builder is a more adaptable, practical and efficient way to bring somebody on board.

What's so great about digital contracts?

Get rid of the delays, uncertainty, unnecessary clauses, awkward paperwork and messy record-keeping. Gain the confidence of knowing you're compliant, and the convenience of a digital system.

And here's the real kicker: employee details from the Contract Builder are automatically imported into PaySauce payroll. Essential employee details, contract type, hours, payment info, accommodation, tool or vehicle allowances will be set up for you. Two birds, one stone.

Do I have to be with PaySauce or Federated Farmers?

Nope! You'll create a basic account with an email and password, but you don't have to join Federated Farmers. You're not subscribing or committing - just grabbing a contract. On the other hand, Federated Farmers members will score a major discount. You don't have to sign up for PaySauce Payroll either; the Contract Builder is a separate tool that's just hosted on the PaySauce platform. No strings attached!

Onboarding can be expensive, messy and time-consuming, but hiring good people is good business. We're here to help you get to the good part.

Find out more at or login and check out the platform at


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Posted on 6 May 2019

Laura Marwick
Marketing Communications & Engagement Manager

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