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Beating the Winter Blues

How to create an awesome workplace with PaySauce

Winter can be a stressful time of year for businesses across all industries.

We know that for farmers, calving is in full swing, which is a very busy time. In other industries like hospitality, this may be a quiet period or a very busy one depending on where you are around the country. Like any period with added stress, the best way to mitigate unwanted pressure and create a great workplace is by getting ahead. PaySauce is here to remove some of the frustrations that can come with timesheets, leave requests, and payroll - helping you to get ahead in your admin to focus on the things that matter.

We want this blog to lay out a few things to keep in mind, like how to look after your staff during winter, minimum wage top-ups and what that’s all about, rostering tips, and managing leave for staff.

Be a better boss - Look after your staff!

At PaySauce, we’re all about encouraging employers to be a great boss. Good bosses attract even greater employees, and this is true for all businesses in any industry. It is important, especially at this time of year, that you have a great team behind you who work with you to achieve all of your seasonal goals.

Here are some key things to help build and maintain your dream team!

There are heaps of free resources available for you to access with regard to workplace wellbeing. There are blogs, webinars, e-learning opportunities or printable documents that you can check out for yourself, or that you can pass on to your employees. For some of these, have a look at the website, First Steps Aotearoa, or the Mental Health Foundation NZ.

Minimum Wage Top Ups: How PaySauce helps

In industries such as farming and agriculture, employees may be paid by piecemeal rates rather than hours worked. Most businesses only keep hours for staff on wages, but on the farm, you need to track timesheets for both salaried and contract rate staff. Minimum wage top ups ensure employees are paid at least the minimum rate for every hour worked, keeping the company compliant with the Minimum Wage Act 1983.

It sounds like a lot of brain power and time on the calculator, but not to worry! With the help of PaySauce, we make it super simple. If your team has the PaySauce mobile app, staff can record their own hours easily, which saves you time and trouble. You can still review, edit, and approve timesheets. Having everything digital means there is no cryptic handwriting to decipher (is that a 1 or a 7?!) or loose papers waiting to be lost.

If staff drop below minimum wage for a period during peak work periods based on the hours recorded, PaySauce will automatically apply a top-up to their earnings, so you don’t have to worry about a thing. Easy as!

If you want to learn more about how minimum wage top ups work, visit this article on our Knowledge Base: Minimum Rate Paycard Topup.

Rostering Tips

Here are just a few ways to create effective rosters to suit your operation:

Lucky for you, PaySauce has a handy roster feature in our app! You can decide how to build and share your rosters. You can add notes to customise shifts and choose how your team receives their roster info. Your team’s approved and pending leave will display in the calendar view when you’re building your roster, so you know exactly who’s available for the shifts you need to cover. It links directly with payroll info so you can use existing work patterns to build your roster faster. How awesome is that!

For more information and a how-to video about how PaySauce can keep roster creation easy-as, visit

Managing Leave

There are many different types of leave that employees are legally entitled to, and different calculation and payment methods to stay on top of. By managing this correctly you’re not only taking care of your compliance obligations - you’ll also be ensuring a positive workplace environment. If you need to brush up on the types of leave staff are entitled to take, and the regulations around these, visit the Employment New Zealand Website.

Once again, planning ahead and having flexibility is the best way to manage leave. You can plan for public holidays and annual leave with your employees, but sickness, injury, or personal matters can crop up unexpectedly. If you haven’t kept these unexpected cases in mind, this can cause a lot of stress both on employers and employees.

With PaySauce, the app will take the headache out of calculating leave balances. It makes sure staff accrue correctly and get the right pay when they take leave. Leave balances are also displayed on our app so staff can keep an eye on their own entitlements and don’t need you to fill them in. All the leave shows on the Leave Calendar in the employer's web view. It's easy to see which leave has been approved and if any leave days overlap for the team, and you can approve and decline leave right from the calendar too. If you're using the phone app to run your pays, you'll see all the approved leave requests in a list, then the leave can be managed for each employee separately.

If you have any questions about how this all works, sign up for a demo today or flick us an email.

So chuck these few reminders in your toolbox, and take them forward to have an awesome season!

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Posted on 3 July 2024

Kate Manahi
Marketing and Communications

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