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Are you really safe online?


We’re payroll nerds and software geeks. There, it’s out. We love building great, safe software and take security seriously so you don’t have to worry about it. Trust Hound are our advisers and have written these cool tips for you on staying safe, whatever software you use.

The world of cyber security can seem a bit dark and mysterious - with nobody safe from hooded hackers or foreign cyber spies. Don’t freak out! It can all seem very complicated but luckily there are a few simple things that we can all do to keep ourselves and our company safe.

I know these tricks because I spent two decades being the hacker or being the helper. As the hacker I was the good guy being paid to hack into banks, large companies and government systems. I did this (with permission!) so that the problems could be found and fixed before a real bad guy came along and caused trouble. Then, instead of remaining the hacker, I became the helper - working with thousands of people who had cyber security issues to help them understand what happened and get them back on their feet.

There are 3 simple things that you can do to stay safe and keep hackers out of your system - we’ll cover them all in the next few months.


Patching - Why this is done and how does it helps


Using unique passwords and where to store them


Why turning on two factor authentication (2FA) might benefit you in the long run

First up - patching - why this is done and how it helps

Software - like trucks, tractors or any machinery occasionally needs maintenance. For software, this maintenance is called a “patch”, or an “update”. Applying these patches is critically important for your security. When the software developer is made aware of a security issue, they will create a patch and make it available to you to update. You might get this for games you have - if you have time for games!

Applying patches quickly is critical to make sure attackers don’t take advantage of the issue before you do.

A lot of devices, like computers and mobile phones, can be configured to apply patches automatically when they are available. Ensuring this has been configured will mean that you don’t have to remember to do it.

How is this implemented in PaySauce and what you can do

Great news!! If there’s ever a need for a patch to the PaySauce web system, the team just goes ahead and applies it. But YOU will need to update your mobile app to install any updates.

Pro tip: You can enable your apps to automatically update when a new version is available to ensure you are kept safe, always.

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Posted on 28 October 2022

Declan Ingram
Partner - Trust Hound

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