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Australian Dairy Conference

15 – 17 February 2023, Hobart

It is no secret that our amazing payroll product PaySauce is now in more Dairy Farms that employ people in New Zealand than any other solution.

With us hitting this milestone sooner than expected, we are looking to spread the awesome-sauce further afield #excusethepun.

We currently have the multi-talented CFO of PaySauce Jaime Monaghan, attending International Dairy Week (IDW) in Victoria, listening to and learning from industry experts to ensure we best understand the nuances of farming in Australia. And I’m super excited to be announcing us as a Gold Sponsor for the Australian Dairy Conference. The conference, which is in February in Hobart, is an excellent opportunity for us to share the fantastic story of how PaySauce helps farmers in New Zealand, connect with new industry partners and talk to the farmers on the ground about how we can make PaySauce as ideal for them, when we launch, as it is for our New Zealand customers.

Why this event? Well, from the research that we have done, one obvious opportunity is with farmers in Australia being underserved and having to deal with multiple apps. Being able to approve rosters, timesheets, leave, calculate payroll, process payments, deliver payslips, and file tax and superannuation payments from one app on your phone in minutes is a solution that goes well almost anywhere. The farmers across the ditch also have the additional compliance burden of the awards system in Australia.

Australian Dairy Conference
Australian Dairy Conference

Awards are legal documents that outline the minimum pay and conditions that must be provided to employees in a specific industry or occupation. There are over 120 awards in Australia, covering a wide range of industries and occupations. Award applies to employees and affects the minimum pay and conditions that an employer must provide.

Reading the Australian legislation (I have the best job #sarcasm) and running through the different scenarios boggles the mind. One of the difficulties with the award system is that the applicable award can vary depending on the specific tasks an employee performs. For example, an employee who is primarily working with livestock may be covered by a different award than an employee who is mainly working in a packing shed.

This can make it hard to determine the correct award and pay rate for each employee. Even once you’ve done that, you also have to keep track of any changes or updates to the award because the pay rates and conditions outlined in the award can change over time, and it's the employer's responsibility to ensure that they provide the correct minimum pay and conditions to their employees. What a massive burden on the cow cocky.

With no software in Australia being a one-stop app to do everything from banking, filing and keeping the farmer compliant on their phone in minutes, we’re looking forward to the connections and advice we’ll get from being at IDW and the ADC to help us build the ultimate app for an underserved industry.

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Posted on 16 January 2023

Mat Stokes
Chief Operating Officer

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