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The 4 Big Ways to Save Time on Payroll

Payroll is a whole lot faster when you're not relying on spreadsheets or 6th-form math skills. By taking the whole process digital, you actually let yourself off the hook for a whole assortment of chores.

We can harp on forever about integrations and automation, but that's a bit abstract. So let's get real.

We thought we'd show you exactly how time-saving happens.

1On Time

Get timesheets on staff's phones. Digital records don't go missing, get wet, or need storage. You don't have to decipher anybody's handwriting or go looking for laggards, and nobody has any excuses for not submitting their timesheet. You can see the hours come in as they're entered, which means you can make sure it's happening regularly. That means more accurate information about working schedules and labour costing.

Chasing down Jono in the milking shed for his timesheet 5-15 mins
Gathering and entering everybody's timesheet into your pay run 10-20 mins

2Get Mobile

Use a cloud system, so you're not chained to your desk on payday. Not only do you have more freedom, you also have the chance to use your time more effectively - with PaySauce, you can approve and run a pay while you wait for the jug to boil.

Getting to a computer when you've got stuff to do elsewhere, and then getting back to where you were 2-90 mins

3Auto Filing

Use a payroll intermediary service who's authorised by IR to complete filing on your behalf. There's no tracking down and pulling out data from your pay run and copying it into IR forms. You can relax, knowing you'll always file on time. And you'll never have to find your way around those government sites and systems.

Logging in and re-entering payroll details in MyIR 5-20 mins

4Auto Banking

There's no danger of forgetting, running late or putting the decimal point in the wrong place. Our software reads pay details for every one of your people and pays them the right amount at the right time, every time. We've got integrations with all the big banks (and even the wee ones).

Entering, checking and processing pay for everyone on your payroll 15-25 mins


Time is money, right, but you also know time is precious in a whole lot of other ways. Giving you that time back so you can be awesome at doing the things you’re awesome at, with the people that make you happy (guessing that’s NOT the IRD!!) is what keeps us going. If you’re paying weekly, we can liberate you from almost a half-day of admin each and every week! Here’s how it all stacks up:

Potential time saved per pay run*
37-170 mins

*variables include size of your business, messiness of your staff's handwriting and your typing skills

As far as the app is concerned, I had a conversation with some contract milking clients, who we calculated PaySauce has saved them four working days per year from automating their payroll system. That is giving people their lives back! It also takes away the worry of payroll compliance for our clients.
Richard Wheeler, Director, Sidekick for Business

What will you do with your extra time? Calls? Coffee? Power nap? Petanque?

If you're ready to get some time back, check out our sign-up page or dial 0800 746 700.


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Posted on 21 December 2021

Asantha Wijeyeratne
CEO / Co-founder

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