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Payroll Setup

Quick and Easy Setup

The PaySauce team understands how much of a hassle getting systems setup correctly to ensure everything runs smoothly. So, let us help. Our Wellington based payroll experts can talk you through the setup process or simply send us all your existing employee info and we will get you set up and then walk you through your system. When it comes to running your first pay, we will be on the end of the phone with you, making sure you are confident and ensuring everything goes smoothly.

Fully Digital, Flexible and Mobile

PaySauce comes with a web based application and a mobile application so you can easily make updates to your setup as things change or when you bring new people into your team. Our mobile application is free to download and your new employees simply enter their own details straight into the app – bank accounts, IRD number and personal information. Once entered they are setup for the next payrun and can start entering their timesheets immediately, as well as pushing leave requests through for approval.

Mobile Payroll
Easy Payroll

Single Click Pay Run

PaySauce connects employees, managers and administrators so those in charge of running payroll know they are receiving accurate and approved timesheets which they can trust. On payday, all timesheets are automatically loaded and direct messaging allows those who have yet to submit to be notified and reminded. Before processing the pay, extra payments and deductions can be incorporated and a total is displayed for review, with single click functionality enabling the actual pay run to occur.

Automated Payments and Filing

We take the final payroll amount, including PAYE and our fees* from your nominated bank account and with our direct bank integrations, we ensure your people get paid quickly and accurately. All payslips are issued directly back into the web based and mobile applications where they can be viewed and are stored for historical viewing. To ensure you are fully compliant we then take care of the PAYE payments and the relevant IRD filing – this occurs on the 20th of each month.

Payroll Automation
Payroll Support

Exceptional Ongoing Support

Our team are available at all times if you need help in adding new people to your system, making necessary changes or to update based on any changes in compliance. We can ensure you never need to worry about how your systems is performing, processing, paying and reporting on pay runs. Just give us a call and we can talk you through whatever you need or simply do it for you and then train you on the changes.

The PaySauce team is top-notch. You can have fun with them, but they are also so knowledgeable. Any time I have a problem, or want to get something figured out, I just give one of the girls a ring and bang, done.
Mary-Anne Lindsay, office and HR manager, Gladvale Farms

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