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Payroll Setup

Simple Setup

We get it. System setup is messy. Let us help! Give us a call and our Wellington-based payroll gurus will talk you through. Or send us your existing employee info and we’ll set you up, then guide you through your new system. When it’s time to run your first pay, we’ll stay on the line until you’re feeling confident.

Fully Digital, Flexible and Mobile

PaySauce comes with apps for your computer and smartphone. It’s cloud-based, so you can update things easily as your business changes and grows. Your records are safer, better organised and more accessible than ever.

Mobile Payroll
Easy Payroll

Single Click Pay Run

PaySauce connects employees, managers and admins. On payday, timesheets shoot straight into the pay run and wages are calculated automatically. You just review the final numbers and top up or take out anything extra. When you’re ready, run your pay with a single click.

Automated Payments and Filing

We can connect directly to your bank to automate payments, so your people get paid quickly and accurately. Payslips are issued through the app, where they’re available anytime, even the old ones. To keep you fully compliant, we take care of PAYE payments and IR filing.

Payroll Automation
Payroll Support

Awesome Ongoing Support

Our team are available to help with adding new staff and making updates. Just give us a call and we can talk you through any changes or even do it for you.

The PaySauce team is top-notch. You can have fun with them, but they are also so knowledgeable. Any time I have a problem, or want to get something figured out, I just give one of the girls a ring and bang, done.
Mary-Anne Lindsay, office and HR manager, Gladvale Farms

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