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Savour the only payroll solution built with and for the agriculture sector

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Easy Payroll Setup

Supported Setup

The key to successful and easy payroll, lies in how you set it up. Our team of phone based experts will take all the pressure off you and your team. Send over your employee records and we will load them for you, then show you how everything is setup, run comprehensive training and be on hand when you run your first pay to ensure everything goes smoothly.

Our change over to PaySauce was a great decision. The website is so easy to navigate, and we can log in on our phone from anywhere. The customer service has been amazing, they listen to our needs.
Kelly Martin, Dairy Farmer, Morrinsville

Take the Hassle out of Timesheeting

With the free-to-download PaySauce mobile application, your people can enter, amend and submit timesheets whilst on the go and from all corners of your property. If you have employees without smartphones, simply get their hours manually and your payroll administrator can load into the system easily and quickly.

A lot of people know from agricultural businesses that getting your staff to fill out timesheets is a nightmare. Our staff LOVE the app, being able to put their hours in wherever they are on farm.
Donna Morton, Dairy Farmer, Southland
Payroll Timesheets
Easy Payroll Compliance

No More Compliance Concerns

PaySauce is the only payroll solution that automatically looks after your biggest compliance concerns. We compare your salaried staff hours against the minimum wage requirements and prompts you in areas where top-ups are required. With MBIE focusing time and effort on ensuring industry wide adherence, let us do the hard work for you.

The more farmers that utilise PaySauce the better. I feel it is a bulletproof system for compliance.
Andrew Hoggard, Dairy Farmer and Chairman of Federated Farmers Dairy, Kiwitea

Much More than Just Calculations

PaySauce ensures you are always on top of your wage, PAYE, leave accruals, deductions and allowances. Those should be expected, so with our direct integrations into all major banking partners and the IRD, we automatically deduct wages, PAYE and fees from your account in order to pay your people for you and the IRD. We then make sure everyone is kept informed by making payslips available in the web based and mobile applications as well as looking after your IR filings too.

Hi Vicky, just ran the pays on the phone whilst getting cows in!! Amazing!! Love this system. Thanks, Suzi.
Suzi, Dairy Farmer, Maruia
Payroll Automation
Easy Payroll from your Mobile

Run your pay in minutes

With timesheets already loaded and approved, all that you need to do is manage any adjustments and then hit calculate to generate your pay run. You can then start your pay processing from either the web or mobile application with a single click. If anything goes wrong or if you are worried about your payrun completing successfully you can talk with our phone based experts at all times of the day and for no extra charge.

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