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New Pricing

Three new plans from December 1

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Why is the price going up?

We’re a cloud-based software company, so we’re constantly updating and improving the product, which increases its value. We also offer unlimited support, which is worth a lot to us and to our customers. It’s important that our prices reflect the ongoing and increasing value of our software and service.

We’re also seeing the withdrawal of the government payroll subsidy, which is set to make payroll services steeper across the board.

How will I be billed?

If you’re on one of our subscription plans, you’ll be billed at the beginning of each month for your subscription fee. For your monthly employees paid, you’ll be billed for each unique employee in any pay run. If you pay the same 5 people 4 times in a month, you’ll only be charged for 5 employees. If you pay 7 different employees across 2 pay cycles in a month, you’ll be charged for 7 employees.

If you’re on the Starter plan, you’ll be billed each payday for each person in each pay run.

Which pricing plan is right for me?


If you’ve got 5 or fewer staff, you can use our Starter plan, for $7/per pay run and $2.50/payslip. If you run a lot of pay cycles, you might be better off bumping up to Standard.


If you’ve got more than 5 staff, but you don’t need costing or timesheets, you’ll want to jump on the Standard plan, at $30/month and $5/head.


If you’ve got more than 5 staff and you need the full PaySauce feature set, including costing and timesheets, you’ll need the Premium plan ($50/month and $6/head). These features make a major impact for businesses that need to track costings or gather timesheet data on the run.

Will I still be charged bank fees?


I’m a large employer (50+ employees). What about me?

Get in touch with us directly on 0800 746 700, so we can figure out the best and fairest way for you to use PaySauce.

I have seasonal staff on my payroll. Do I have to pay for them even when they aren't actually working?

If you’re on a subscription service, you’ll still pay your base monthly charge, but your per-person charge will go down. That’s $5/person on our Standard plan or $6/person on our Premium plan. If you don’t pay somebody during the calendar month, you won’t be charged for them.

Am I locked in?

Nope! On our subscription plans, you’ll pay on a monthly basis. If you cancel part-way through the month, you’ll be billed the subscription fee for that period, but there are no penalty charges or anything nasty like that.

What if I use costings and/or timesheets some months, but not others?

You’ll be charged for the Premium plan ($50/month, plus $6/employee) during the months when you use these premium features.

You’ll be charged the Standard plan rate ($30/month, plus $5/employee) during the months when you don’t use costings or timesheets.

What if I use timesheets, but not costings?

In this case, you’re still categorised as Premium.

Will I still have access to the reports on the Standard plan?

Yes. All plans have access to all of the reports.

What if I’m using an external timesheet app outside of PaySauce, then uploading my timesheet data?

No worries. We won’t put you onto Premium for uploading your own timesheet data. You’ll still be on the Standard rate ($30/month, plus $5/employee).

If I’m on the Standard plan, do you still process pays into my staff’s accounts and pay and file with Inland Revenue?

Yep, you’re all good. The only features that are just for Premium customers are costings and timesheets.

When do these changes take effect?

The majority of our customers will be charged the new price as of their first pay run after Dec 1st.

If you signed up in November, or have been otherwise notified by us, you’ll be charged the new price as of the first pay you run after Jan 1st.

Why shouldn’t I just go with a cheaper product?

You’re welcome to look around - but honestly, prices are going up among our peers and will continue to do so between now and April 2020. We feel really confident that for our feature set and quality of our support, this is a fair and competitive price.