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Top tips to save stress at Christmas

Spilling the Sauce

Let's get ready for Christmas

Well here we are, team, another rollercoaster of a year almost behind us.

We hope you’re looking forward to some celebrations and, who knows, maybe some time off work too?!

To make that fantasy a little closer to reality, we’ve got some top tips to share with ideas to help you find a few extra hours in the December madness.

After extensive international research (well, OK, we asked around the office for the PayForce’s number one Christmas Calmer Concepts)’s the results:


Lynne’s Top Tip: Prepare for Monday- and Tuesday-isations of public holidays

Those are real words. And this year Tuesday-isations will definitely be a thing. Lynne says:

Cut this out and stick it to your wall! It’s a great guide from EmploymentNZ to help you understand how to plan for public holidays over the Christmas period.

Otherwise grab a cuppa and watch this handy video.


Tania’s Top Tip: Your employee’s bonus could affect their holiday pay!

Don’t freak out if it seems like your employee is getting paid more for annual holidays.

Payments for annual holidays are made at the start of the employee’s holiday and are at the rate of the greater of the employee’s ordinary weekly pay or average weekly earnings. Paying a bonus will normally make the average weekly earnings higher, especially if the annual holidays follow closely after paying the bonus.

Take a minute now to remind yourself about the type of bonus payments you have on offer to your team and check that they are being applied correctly in PaySauce.


Lonneke’s Top Tip: Set up your pay earlier in the week before Christmas

If you can, get your pay set up earlier in the week before Christmas so you’re not leaving it till the last minute. You don’t need that stress! Banks can slow down with processing the volumes and their Helpdesk calls increase hugely.

It's better to set the pays up earlier and get them out of the way, and if adjustments are necessary later, they can be done in the next pay cycle.

Don't forget too that banks ARE NOT PROCESSING on the Monday and Tuesday after Christmas, so you will need to choose to pay your crew on the Friday before or the Wednesday after.


Vicky's "Silly Season Holiday Payroll Tips" webinar

If you missed it or just want a refresher, we have her presentation slides here for you to download.

Download Slides



Cheers to you All!

Of course we've been hard at work building your cool stuff lately, but we also managed to slip out of the office for some important facetime with customers and, er, rugby! We’re a proud First XV sponsor of the Taranaki Bulls and M-C, Mat and Jaime spent a soggy Saturday cheering them on with partners and customers from across Taranaki.

Have a successful and stress-free month, a well deserved breather over Christmas if you can and we'll be back in your inbox before you know it.

Your tech-savvy chums,

The Payforce

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Posted on 7 December 2021

Marie-Claire Andrews
Head of Sales & Marketing

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