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Because you want to do as little for payroll as possible

Payroll Automation

Speed up your workflow

Whether you have complex approval requirements or just want to get payroll over with as fast as possible, with PaySauce you can set your own automation rules to speed up payday. Payroll same as last week? Fire it out automatically. Payroll within 3% of standard? Fire it out automatically.

Take the thinking out of payroll

Talk to one of our payroll experts to learn how we can automate various steps of your payroll process. Never forget to email that report, or approve a timesheet again.

Payroll Workflow
Payroll Approval

Because it should be simple

From banking to approving timesheets to processing and IR Filing. With PaySauce, payroll is a breeze. We can save you time and make sure your staff are looked after on payday.

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